When a person is once amused by a desert, it is going to be so hard for him to stop such a kind of interest. Desert is a fantastic destination for many travelers and adventurers. There are many people or better to say adventure lovers who prefer to spend their holidays exploring deserts and their beauties; thus Iran which is also a rather dry land is considered as a proper desert tour destination for them. The presence of hot and dry climate in Iran caused to country to have many different deserts all around, the mysterious lands that traveling to and exploring them could be among your best memories. To be clearer one fourth of Iran is desert and who could say that Iran does not have the potential to host desert tourists.
Join us on the following text and get familiar with Iran’s deserts and Iran desert tours.

Iran Desert  Tour Destinations

Let us start with one of the most famous desert of Iran called Mesr Desert; it really seems like a sand sea and due to its geographical traits is the heaven for geologists and desert researchers. Mesr Desert in Iran is geographically located near a famous city called Isfahan which is also full of tourist attractions. To take and Iran desert tour and visit Mesr Desert, we recommend you to travel to Iran from the start of fall to the early spring which is the proper time for such a wonder.


Kashan, one of the historical city of Iran with a lot of historical attractions, hosts a fantastic desert too; it is called Maranjab Desert. Being not far from the capital city of Iran, Tehran, and owning a rich collection of plant and animal species has turned Maranjab Desert into a most popular desert in Iran tour deserts. The night sky of this desert with its abundant of stars as well as high sand hills are among the awes of Maranjab Deserts in Iran. This desert is called the heaven of off roaders.
Being located near a city full of historical attractions called Yazd, Khor and Biyabanak Desert is another Iran desert tour destination. Having sand hills resembling the pictures of bee nest and also Khor Salt Lake are the two most important reasons convincing Iran desert tourists to visit this part of Iran during their Iran desert tour. But that is not all. The blowing of wind cause the creation of structures called Rig in this desert and these Rigs which are expanded all over Khor and Biyabanak Deserts are called with different names and the most famous one is Rig-e Jen, try not to miss visiting it; it looks magnificent.
In case you are an amateur desert goer and decided to take and Iran desert tour, join us on a tour to Matin Abad Desert Campsite; that way you have the opportunity to enjoy the desert while not having to tolerate the burden of desert exploration. Matin Abad Desert Camp is the first eco camp of Iran and is located 10 kilometers to the southeast of Kashan. There are many tents, rooms and Kumehs that are new in comparison to the desert caravanserais. Taking an Iran desert tour and traveling to Matin Abad, you have the chance to experience walking bare feet on sands and riding camels and watching the night sky of desert full of stars.

The greenest desert of Iran, Zardgah Desert, is full of palm trees and that makes eye-catching scenery. A hot water spring, a natural swimming pool as well as a village with step village are the attractions of this desert in Iran.
Lut Desert in Iran is another desert which is not only beautiful but also unique in a trait; that is, in this desert, there is no animal and plant species, not even any bacteria and that is because the temperature in Lut Desert in Iran reaches 70 degrees centigrade. The biggest sands city of the world is also in this place; it is a masterpiece made by water, sand and wind; human being play no role in such a construction and because of the wind it is always changing its shape. That seems like a huge wonderful city with no live habitat.40 kilometers away from Yazd, Rig-e Zarin Desert, also called Mogholestan Desert, shows its beauty to Iran desert tourists. Having high hills in the middle, this desert is divided into two northern and southern sections. Sand river currents in the middle of Rig-e Zarin desert in Iran present the visitors with the chance of enjoying the feeling of walking over sands with bare feet. Salt domes cover the southwestern part of this desert which is a kind of magnificent view.
Last but not least, the fourth natural attraction of the world, called Shahdad Desert is waiting to show you its unique phenomenon, probably the best parts are the Kaluts in this desert; they are ,magnificently eye catching.
Iran with its two important deserts of Dasht-e Kavir Desert and Lut Desert and many other small ones is ready to host all Iran desert tourists in an Iran desert tour.


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