Traveling has always been a great passion of the human being. Since the creation of the human, they were always on the move because of a reason; some travel for their business, some others travel for sport, some for learning about cultures and traditions and some because of religion. This fact led to the creation of a very important industry called tourism. As it was already explained, the purposes for which people travel are the reason for the existence of several different branches in the tourism industry. One of these branches came to existence when people started to travel because of the religions; that is probably the religious tourism definition.
Most countries for sure own religious attractions and these attractions attract many people to travel. In such a case, Iran is not an exception.

There are about 33 prophets who are buried in Iran and that fact makes Iran stand out among other religious destinations of the world. The shrine of the Daniel the Prophet in Shush, the shrine of Kedar the Prophet in Zanjan, the shrine of Samuel the Prophet in Saveh, a small city near Tehran and the shrine of Joshua the Prophet in Isfahan are only some examples of the Iranian collection of religious tourist attractions. The official religion of Iran is Islam but there also are other religions in this country, each of which has also important attractions in this country.


Iran Religious Tour destinations

Let’s start by the official religion of Iran which is called, Islam. Muslims usually travel to other Muslim countries in order to be able to visit the holy shrines of their prophets and Imams. They believe that visiting these holy shrines is a kind of spiritual treatment for their grief and burden. Being an Islamic country and believing in one of the branches of Islam named Shia, Iran hosts two most important religious tourist attractions of Muslim countries. Now let’s get familiar with these two Iran religious tour destinations:
Mashhad, geographically located on the northeast of Iran, hosts the holy shrine of the eighth Shia Imams, named Imam Reza. Many Muslims travel to Iran and to Mashhad to visit this holy shrine and due to the number of the tourists visiting this city, it was named the religious capital of Iran. When you enter this city, at first glance, you would be surprised by the bigness of the city and the number of the accommodation centers. That also gives there a nice atmosphere that tourists mostly feel good with. As you enter the holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, you would feel yourself in another world because of its spiritual atmosphere and many other reasons, seeing people worshiping their God in their own way would make you feel surprised. Many non- Muslims also travel to Mashhad to visit the awe of the shrine in addition to the other historical attractions of this city.

Iran’s second religious tour destination is Qom, the city that hosts the shrine of Fatima Masumeh, Imam Reza’s sister. Qom is very near to Tehran and going there takes only 2 hours by car; this short distance is another reason that many people travel to Qom after their arrival in Tehran. The shrine is not as big as the one in Mashhad but that does not make any difference in the importance and the value of the place. Many Shia Muslims, especially from the neighboring countries, take Iran religious tours every year to visit these two holy shrines.
Iran religious tours and travels are not limited to Islam and Islamic attractions. Thanks to the presence of the Armenian monastic ensembles in Iran which are also registered by UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites, many Christians also travel to Iran. These holy entities are located in the northwest of Iran and are considered as one of the most important sanctuary of the Armenians. Thaddeus Monastery, the Saint Stepanos Monastery, and the Chapel of Dzordzor are located in the provinces of east and west Azerbaijan and not only because of their religious importance, but also because of their historical value attract attention of many tourists to Iran. These three churches are of great importance for Armenians and are considered as very valuable worship sites.

It was earlier mentioned that Iran religious attractions are not limited to Islam and Muslims. In addition to the Armenian religious tourist attractions, Zoroastrians also have an important attraction in Iran. Being the former Zoroastrian capital of the Iran, Yazd has a lot to offer to the avid tourists, especially those who would like to know about Zoroastrian religion. The famous 1000 year old Zoroastrian fire is kept in the Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd. According to the beliefs, this fire is holy and many followers of this religion come to this city in order to take benefit from the spiritual atmosphere of this fire temple and its holy fire. In addition, the Tower of Silence in Yazd, the place where Zoroastrians used to hold funereal ceremonies, seems to be another religious attraction of Iran. No one could deny the joy and the unique feeling of visiting this place, it is highly recommended to those who are keen on experiencing unique entities.

Iran has owned a great city called Shiraz which is the reason for many tourists to travel to Iran. This beautiful city hosts the shrine of Shah Cheragh, which is the son of the 7th Shia Imam. That is also a nice place with a great spiritual atmosphere which convinces many to travel to Shiraz.

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