Nomads are groups of peoples who live together and always travel during hot and cold
seasons of the year. Animal husbandry and agriculture are the jobs they make living with. A person in each nomad was
the chart of the group and everyone tried to obey his orders.
Nomads are inseparable parts of the ancient civilizations and their histories are highly affected by the history of
their nomads. In other world, if you are interested in learning about the history of countries which enjoy a rich
culture, you had better learn about their nomads too.
One of these countries that host a great deal of nomads is Iran. About a hundred years ago, almost 25 percent of
Iranians lived in nomads but unfortunately today this number is decreased to less than 2 percent. In each historical
era, a special nomad was in power and has gained control or so called superior on other groups. The nomads almost
had political powers too and this fact was released by different studies on Iran’s history. Their political powers
sometimes caused a dynasty to lose the power and another to gain the power. That was probably the reason that they
were always forced to move and not be able to settle down.

Nowadays, due to the changes in the lifestyle, most Iranian Nomads have been settled
down in a special place and do not move anymore, but there still are some nomads that prefer to move and live their
traditions. Iran’s Nomads own provide 300 thousand types of handicrafts and a great deal of meat and furry supplies
of the countries are produced by these groups of Iranians.
Iran’s Nomads are categorized into seven main groups called, Kurd, Lor,
Fars, Turk, Turkmen, Arab, Baluch and Barahui and their languages are also classified into seven
main dialects called Turkish, turkmeni, Persian, Kurdish, Lorish, Laki, Bakhtiiari, Arabic and Baluchi.
All this information was just a brief introduction toward nomads but what is today an attraction is the nomad tour
and more specific, Iran‘s nomads tour. There still are a group of nomads in Iran that their lifestyles are very
amusing and interesting for others to get familiar with. Many tourists who travel to Iran prefer to take a close
look at nomadic lifestyle and get familiar with their traditions.

Join us to imagine what a fantastic fresh life they are living. Imagine that you wake up
in the morning breathing the fresh cool air and listening to the bird singing and animals playing. Then breakfast
would be bread hat you baked, cheese that you made and milk that you milked; walking barefoot on the grass and
feeling the mother earth under your feet is something that no one could say it is not enjoyable. Helping each other
and doing all the chores is not only pleasant but also makes you feel that you are not alone. Being away from the
luxury boring lifestyles in houses equipped with the latest technologies could make you feel awesome. Just imagine
you do not have to worry about the empty fridge or the cake which is in the oven, the only thing you care about is
your relaxation and as the result your health. Eating everything bio and living a simple life away from the hectic
urban areas could make you feel comfortable at least for a few quality days. Colorful clothes with list your spirits
and watching children laughing so fresh while playing beside other kinds without violent computer games that make
them exceptions from a sedentary life.
These are only a part of joys that tourist will experience in their Iran Nomad Tours.

Iran Nomad Tour destination

The most famous Iran nomad tours these days are tours to Bakhtiari
 that are inhabited in the western part of the country on the slope of Zagros Mountain. They are
one of the oldest and most traditional nomads of Iran and thanks to their effort; many traditions are kept alive
because of their patriotism. Their migration tours twice a year are still seemed as awesome process for many people
around the world because they still obey all the traditional rules and regulations and their lifestyle remind you of
the awe of ancient times, something that we normally miss during the stressful urban life. The original nature of
the second highest part of Iran with its friendly inhabitants are awaiting you, do not miss the chance.
Last but not least, the bride of the Nomads in Iran, Called Qashqayi Nomads is also ready to depict
you with its own unique beauties and wonders. Try not to miss great moments of sitting around and tasting the
wonderful lifestyle there.


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