Some people prefer to travel during spring and summer because they like sunny and warm weather and usually during summer the sun is out there shining. Good weather is for sure one important factor for many tourists so they could enjoy their trip. But on the other hand, there are a lot of people who travel to enjoy the snow and the cold weather. Most of them are eager on experiencing winter sports such as skiing and they travel to other places to be able to spend some quality time skiing. Nowadays many people are the fan of this winter sport and this tendency has led to the advent of a branch of tourism called skiing tourist tourism. There are lots of countries around the world that have many different skiing resorts and attract many skiers every year. One of these countries that attract tourists to take a skiing tour is Iran.
Thanks to the presence of many ski resorts in Iran, an Iran skiing tour is famous among ski goers. Join us on the following text to get fully aware of Iran ski resorts suitable for taking your Iran skiing tour there.

Iran Ski Resorts

Traveling to Iran, probably you start your trip to Iran by arriving at Tehran and would like to stay somewhere which is near the city, in that case, we highly recommend you to start your Iran skiing tour by going to Tochal Ski Resort. This ski resort is almost ready from the early November. Tochal Ski Resort has several sections with different width and height. The first one starts from the height of 3850 meters and continues to the height of 3550 meters. Another section locating on the western part had the length of 900 meters and another one has 5500 which will be taken into function in near future. Cable car is available in Tochal Ski Resorts and a five star hotel is also there to provide you with services you need during your Iran ski Tour.

Iran skiing tourism is not bound to this resort. The next skiing tour destination in Iran is Darbandsar Ski Resort. Here is the only place in Iran that is equipped with snow making machine and was chosen as the host for many international skiing tournament. A restaurant, cable car, Tele Siege and Tele Ski and a ski school are the facilities of Darbandsar Ski Resort.
The oldest ski resort of Iran is called Abali Ski Resort which is geographically located in Tehran Province. This complex consists of 5 ski resorts all equipped with tele cabin and cable car. Tennis court, restaurant, hotel, kite flying and horseback riding are other facilities you could enjoy while you are at Abali Ski Resort in your Iran Skiing Tour.

Being only 57 kilometer far from the northeast of Tehran, Shemshak Ski Resort starts from the height of 3050 and ends at the height of 2550. International Shemashak Ski Resort has the opportunity to provide you with the chance to continue skiing even during night as it owns a lot of lightening system and that could be counted as an exception for such a ski resort. Two hotels and four restaurants were also built there so you feel the absolute comfort during your Iran skiing tour. Just beside Karaj Dam, there is a village called Khor village that host Khor Ski Resort. This resort is located 3000 meter above the sea level and has two resorts as long as 185 and 300 meters. For the comfort of Iran Skiing tour guests, a cable car is also available there.
Alvares Ski Resort is located on the slopes of the famous Sabalan Mountain in a village called the same, Alvares Village. Being 3200 meters above the sea level caused Alvares Ski Resort to be active for 8 months and that is really a good advantage for those who take an Iran Ski Resort.
Pouladkaf Ski Resort is the second biggest international ski resort in Iran. It is hard to believe but you could take an Iran skiing tour all around the year and use Pouladkaf Ski Resort. All kind of required services such as tele cabin, tele ski, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and other sports facilities such as bike riding and horseback riding are also available there.

Tarik Darreh or Alvand Ski Resort is the other ski resort you could travel to while taking an Iran skiing tour. This ski resort has the opportunity to serve you by skiing over the grass in the summer and spring and snow skiing during fall and winter.
Visiting Iran and wanting to travel to another city, Sahand Ski Resort could be a good choice for you as it is located in the north west of Iran near a city called Tabriz. By choosing this ski resort not only could you enjoy your ski trip, but also Iran tourist attractions in Tabriz. The depth of the snow sometimes reaches 4 meters but there is no possibility of avalanche in Sahand Ski Resort. Just like other ski resorts in Iran, this ski resorts also have other facilities such as cable car, restaurant, and hotel and so on.
Last but not least, Kakan or Dena Ski Resort locating the roof of Iran, a city called Yasuj, has 1500 meters height and 600 meter width; so it is known as one of the biggest ski resort of Iran. Ski goers could use this ski resort from the start of winter till the end of spring. The ski instructors are the points that make this ski resort stand out among others, so if you are not a professional skier, you do not have to worry because there is always someone there to help you.


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