Not being as old as other branches of tourism, Ecotourism has gained a great fam pristine nature and the unique animal and plant species, but also to protect our e all around the world in a very short time. Traveling not only to visit thebeloved earth from the dangers that are treating us these days are the goals of Eco tours. That is probably a short sentence considering Eco tourism definition but it is surely not all. Enriching local societies and increasing environmental awareness are also other goals of ecotourism.

After the time when the United Nation has decided to improve Eco tourism, tourist activists and avid tourists started to care about it too while it is very essential for the world we are living in.
Different climates, presence of natural attractions such as sea, mountain, cave, spring, jungle and natural scenery are the criteria that convince tourists to enter a country for their Eco tour.

Iran Eco Tour  destinations

There are many different Eco tourism destinations around the world, some people travel to see the beauties of the sea and other masses of water, some travel to explore the deserts, some prefer to experience mountain climbing while some other prefer to visit caves and other natural phenomenon. There also are a group of Eco tourists that would like to explore the secrets of local societies and their lifestyles. The point is that in case you are a kind of Eco tourist who would like to enjoy all these places, choosing a destination would seem a little bit difficult. In such a case, we highly recommend you an Iran Eco tour because this wonderful land hosts many different natural places at the same time, for example you could enjoy the great weather in the northern part when at the same time northwest is enjoying the snow. This diversity in climate varying from north to south and west to east of Iran cause this country to be an ideal unique Eco tourism destination; so make sure to treat yourself and travel trip to Iran and enjoy a wonderful Eco tour there. Owning historical attractions and rich culture, Iran is among the first ten countries of the world and considering ecotourism attractions, it is among the first five countries of the world. These advantages cause many tourists to choose Iran as their destination in their Eco tour and buy an Iran tour package.
There are almost 29 protected areas in Iran which are responsible for both serving Eco tourists and the wildlife. These places are all over Iran so no matter where you are going to settle down, you could reach one of them in less than 2 hours away from you. This bio tourism and so called green tourism will provide you with the opportunity to get familiar with different plant and animal species. In addition, Iran is also a rich source of unique phenomenon of the worlds, for example Martian Mountains and the magnificent pink Lipar Lagoon in Chabahar which are truly second to none; you cannot find any other similar example anywhere else. The mysterious Damavand Summit in northern part of Tehran is another owe that attracts many to travel to Iran every year not only to view but also to show its grace to the world. The mountain is like a crown on top of Tehran, you would never forget the snow capped summit of Damavand.

Do you like to travel to Mars but you are not able to? Do not worry, you only need to plan a trip to Iran and then travel to Lut Desert, it is like a trip to Mars; the gigantic Kaluts of this desert confuse everyone, you could not believe that you are seeing such a thing on the earth. The Salt Lake of Kavir Desert is another thing that will make you feel extraordinary; the hard second to none nature of this lake is still a wonder for many. Badab Sort springs seem like a heaven on the earth especially for the geologist, but you do not need to be a geologist to enjoy it; the steep spring in the colors of yellow, orange, gold and red would amuse you for a day. We are sure that you would not like to say goodbye to such a view. The whole Island of Qeshm is another place awaiting you; geographically located on the beaches of the azure Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island is world famous for its geological traits; Namakdan Salt Cave in this island is the biggest salt lake of the world. Star Valley in Qeshm Island is another eco tourism destination that makes many Iran eco tour operators to hold such tours every year to this part of Iran. Latoon Waterfall in Gilan being 150 high would be the next step of an excellent eco tour in the field of Iran eco tourism. Masal and Torkaman Sahra have fabulous nature that no one would like to miss. Endless green of Torkaman Sahra hosting the Khaled Nabi Cemetery and Gonbad Qabus are the items that persuade nature and magnificence lovers to continue their Iran eco tour to this point. The soaking grass mass of Chamali is another, this mass of grass moves, yes you heard right, depending on the time of the year, the location is also different.

All people think that spring splashes water; do you also think so? Join us on an Iran eco tour to Gel Feshan Spring to see how a spring splashes mud; yes that is right; mud. The whole world has 800 Gel Feshan among which most are located on the coast line of the Persian gulf and Oman sea.

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