Would you like to catch two birds with one stone when you travel to Iran? If so, it is suggested to you to take an Iran food tour, that way; you are going to be able to explore many parts of Iran as well as tasting their wonderful cuisines.
To be more exact, Iran is a very vast country and that caused it to have a lot of different styles of food and thanks to this fact, it is capable of fulfilling several tastes.
It is also important to mention that Iran has also the chance to fulfill the taste of vegetarians because almost all foods could also be cooked without meat and animal products.

what you can try in Iran food tour?

First of all, it is more probable that you start your tour by arriving at Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Being in Tehran provide all Iran food tourists by the chance to taste a lot of yummy dishes. Let’s start by one of the most popular Iranian dish called ‘Chelo Kebob’. Although the food is very simple, it is very delicious. It is highly recommended to meat eaters. There are many types of meat Kebob in Iran with different names. For instance, ‘Kubide’, this kind of Kebob is made of a mixture of ground lamb and beef. The next kind would be ‘Barg’; the main ingredients for this Kebob are either fillet of lamb or beef. ‘Chenje Kebob’ is also very delicious; it is made of lamb fillet in small species. ‘Chicken Kebob’ is another variant of Kebob that is a good choice for chicken lovers; this food is made of chicken fillet. In case you prefer to taste a mixture of meats, we recommend you to try, ‘Bakhtiyari Kebob’; this type of Kebob is made of chicken fillet and lamb or beef fillet. Would you like to know how the previous kings of Iran used to eat kebob? Then, you’d better try ‘Soltani Kebob’ that is made of two separate kinds, one a mixture of lamb and beef which is also called’ Kubideh and another one which is ‘Barg”. It is important to mentioned that all these Kebobs are mixed with onion and different species such as salt, black pepper and etc. sometimes some of them are also marinated with other stuffs such as yogurt sauce like ‘ chicken Kebob’. All kinds of Kebob are almost always served with rice but if you do not feel like eating rice, you could order them by bread. They also normally come with grilled tomato and paprika. You could also try them by fresh lemon juice and to be lovelier, you could add butter too. Most Iranians eat Kebob with raw onions so it is a good suggestion to try that too. Just be careful to order them according to your taste, because they could be served either rare, medium or well done. Most northern cities of Iran also serve all these types of Kebob with a type of sour sauce made of pomegranate sauce which also could be served separately.

The next wonderful Iranian dish that surprises most Iran food tourists is called ‘Abgusht’ also called ‘dizi’. It is a very traditional Iranian food that is served with hot fresh bread. The ingredients of this food are lamb, chickpeas, onion, white beans, onion, potato, tomato, turmeric and dried dried lime. This food is usually cooked in stone pots and special way of serving. Do not hesitate to ask for the help.
Trying different Persian stews is a must do in an Iran culinary tour. All these stews are served with rice. The most popular one is ‘Qormeh Sabzi’. This Persian herb stew is made of different kinds of herbs, red beans, and small pieces of lamb, dried lime, onion and species. Parsley, leeks or green onions and dried fenugreek leaves are the vegetables used in making ‘Qormeh Sabzi’.
The next stew which is also as delicious as others is ‘Qeymeh’ which is made of split peas, lamb slices, onion, dried lime and tomato paste with species such as turmeric and salt. This Iranian stew is served in two different ways. You could order it by fried French fries on top or with fried eggplants. Both are very yummy.
The most unique Persian stew which has many fans is called ‘Fesenjan’. If you are a fan of pomegranate and its product, do not miss it. This stew is made of ground walnuts and pomegranate sauce. Iranians usually served this stew with ether ground lamb ball or chicken; both are yummy and are suggested to Iran food tourists. This food also has two variants; it is served either sweets or sour, so make sure to ask before you order.

All the mentioned dishes are the ones that are served all over Iran but Iran food tour is not limited to these foods; each part of Iran has its special dishes, for example taking a trip to Iran and traveling to southern parts of Iran, you have the chance to taste many other dishes specially hot ones, for example ‘Qaliyeh’ stew. This stew is either served with shrimp or fish; both look and taste mouth watering.
South and north of Iran both have a special offer for Iran food tourist too; that is stuffed fish and chicken but with different styles. In north of Iran, it is cooked with different herbs and stuffing than in south of Iran; but both are terribly delicious.
It is better to say that southerners usually cook these foods very spicy while prefer to cook it either sour or sour-sweet.
Now let’s take a quick review of other popular dishes which are allocated to a special city:
While taking a trip to Isfahan during your Iran food tour, try ‘Khoresh Mast’ which is made of yogurt, lamb, onion, yolk, sugar, salt, turmeric, rose water and saffron; the second food you should try in Isfahan is its famous ‘ Beryani’ whose main ingredient is lamb fillet.
Travel to Mashhad in your Iran culinary tour and try its popular ‘Shole’; this food is cooked with rice, onion, lamb, different kinds of bean and species.
Travel to Qazvin in your Iran culinary tour and try its famous ‘Qeyme Nesar’ and its famous cookies such Baqlva.
Last but not least, it is important to mention that in case you like to enjoy different Iranian foods and species, you could also visit Iran tourist attractions and another good benefits, we offer you with the opportunity to cook and prepare all these food if you like cooking. Iran gourmet tour is an ideal option for both those who like to taste Iranian gourmets and also those who like to cook them.


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What have already been said are only a small part of the dishes you are going to taste in your Iran food, to taste more, join us on Porto Antico Travel Agency and enjoy our Iran gourmet tour packages ; you would make yourself such a memory that you would never forget.