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Iran nature

Iran is not only a cultural destination, but also it is the heaven for the nature-lovers. Iran nature is a complex of unique attractions from high mountains to the hot deserts, from dense forests to the wonderful springs. You will surely be amazed by discovering the nature of Iran. In this article, we introduce the most famous natural attractions of Iran, but these are just a small part of natural beauties in Iran.


Mount Damavand

Located in 66 kilometers northeast of Tehran in Alborz Mountain range, Mount Damavand is known as the greatest mountain in the Middle East with a height of 5,610m and a challenging choice for any mountaineer. The main peak point is usually snow-capped all year long. In addition, it is visible from Tehran city during the clean days. Mount Damavand has a great situation among all Iranians and it is the symbol of resistance in poems and legendary stories. Reaching Mount Damavand´s peak which takes approximately three days brings a lifetime honor for every climber. The best climbing season is June till September. If you are keen on climbing the mountain, you need a professional leader who knows the path very well. We, at Persian Top Tours, can introduce you the best leaders for Mount Damavand.


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Masal Village

Masal Village is one of the marvelous villages in Iran which you can visit throughout the northern regions of Iran. Masal Village, also known as Switzerland of Iran, is such a heaven in high lands of Gilan Province. The village is known as the lost paradise and its lush and grandmother nature, nice climate and prominent landscape prove that this specific name is completely suitable for it. In case that you are tired of urban life, Masal Village can be a great option to relax among the beauties of Iran nature.

The best time to go to Masal is spring and summer seasons. If you need help to add a plan of visiting this nice place in your itinerary, don´t hesitate to contact our professional experts.


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Badab-e Surt Spring

It is not a dream, but pure reality. You are still standing on the ground and what you see is not like being taken into the dreamy images and landscapes on postcards but a part of the real world. The colorful springs of Badab-e Surt and the wonderful lakes of Alendan and Churet are some of the natural attractions in the east of Mazandaran province that await you. The glorious spring of Badab-e Surt is also the second officially registered natural attraction in the list of the natural heritage of Iran which is practically almost not found anywhere otherwise in the world. consequently, do not hesitate, plan a tour to Badab-e surt when you travel to Iran. Badab-e Surt spring, Alendan and Churet lakes are located in the region of Chahaar dangeh in Sari.

The best time to visit Badab-e surt is April and May when the lush forests surrounding the terraces and the weather is really nice. If you are interested in watching this unique point of Iran nature, you need to add at least 1 night more in your itinerary. Don’t hesitate to contact us to freely plan a travel itinerary for your trip to Iran.


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Qeshm Island

If you are one of those who love to discover Iran nature and you are keen on unique ecotourism, our suggestion is to not miss visiting Qeshm Island. Qeshm is a dolphin-shaped island which is a rich geopark full of natural wonders lay on waters on Persian Gulf. You will wonder if you walk on this beautiful island. Some of the most interesting attractions of Qeshm are Naz Islands, Chahkooh Canyon, Hara Forests, Valley of Stars and Khorbas Caves. Around the island you can find many villages which are full of warm-hearted people.

You can reach Qeshm Island from Tehran or Shiraz or Bandar Abbas via a domestic flight. The best time of visiting Qeshm Island is autumn and winter when the weather is mild and less humid.


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Lut desert

Iran nature has various locations to be discovered. Lut Desert or Dasht-e Lut is one of the amazing natural attractions of Iran, covering an area of over 50,000 square kilometres inside the central-eastern part of the country. Reportedly declare to the hottest land surface temperatures ever recorded, 70.7 centigrade degree, it isn’t always a suitable region for a daily picnic. Though the climate-overwhelmed, moonscapes of the desert make an unforgettable venue for night-time tenting under the sky, and the views at sunrise are mesmerizing. Tour guides will take you from the city of Kerman for an affordable rate. Make sure to test out the mysterious Kaluts too, the famed large rock formations of the desert. To read more about other deserts of Iran, click here

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These spots are just a number of best-known natural attractions of Iran. Iran nature is full of beauties and need to discover. Our travel experts are always available to advise you regarding to explore Iran nature. Furthermore, you can take a look at our pre-planned Eco tours and keep in touch with us to ask all your questions.

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