Shiraz Gardens

We have all heard the description of the historical and beautiful Shiraz gardens; Gardens that have witnessed various events throughout the history of their lives, and today the doors and walls of these gardens with their mansions have preserved a world of the unspoken. Domestic and foreign tourists come to Shiraz from other cities and countries to visit these wonderful gardens. In this article, we introduce the most important gardens in this beautiful city.

Eram Garden

One of the most beautiful and famous Shiraz gardens is Eram Garden, which every tourist will undoubtedly visit it during trip to Shiraz. Eram Garden is one of the 9 Persian gardens which were registered in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Tall cedars, various and beautiful flowers and the famous Sarvenaz tree of Eram Garden are famous and captivate every visitor. Eram Garden was built by Atabak Qaracheh, the ruler of Persia, the son of the Seljuk king. There is a three-story mansion in the middle of the central core of the garden, which is the most interesting part of Eram Garden, and was built on the previous mansion during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. On the second floor of the building, there is a large porch with two tall columns and on both sides of this porch, two smaller porches can be seen. A painting of Shahnameh Ferdowsi and the battle of the Qajar kings is engraved on the front of the building and has given an interesting and spectacular effect to the mansion.

Eram Garden in Shiraz is located in the northwest of Shiraz on Eram Street, one of the most beautiful streets in Shiraz. This garden is known as Shiraz Botanical Garden due to its great plant diversity and is owned by Shiraz University.

Narenjestan Ghavam

In the middle of the thirteenth century, Ghavam al-Saltaneh, the ruler of Persia, built various buildings in his neighborhood, which became known as the Ghavam Garden complex. Inside Ghavam Garden, there is a mansion with wonderful decorations, which is one of the most beautiful and valuable remnants of the Qajar period in Shiraz. The mansion in the Qajar period was for the reference of the subjects and people and the meeting place of the Qajar elders; Today, Ghavam Garden as one of the most adorable Shiraz gardens, is full of orange trees (Narenj) , which is known as Narenjestan Ghavam.

The basement of this mansion is dedicated to the Museum of Antiquities and Objects donated by Professor Pope (American historian of Iranian works of art). This property is now owned by Shiraz University.

Afif Abad Garden (Golshan)

Afif Abad Garden is one of the oldest Shiraz gardens, or better to say, the oldest garden in Shiraz, in which a luxurious mansion was built. This garden was built during the Safavid period and has been one of the main promenades of Persian kings since then. The garden was bought by Mirza Ali Khan Qavam al-Molk during the Qajar period. After buying the garden, Mirza Ali Khan renovated it and built a large two-story mansion in the middle of the garden. The mansion is still standing in the Afif Abad Garden and has been converted by the Army of the Islamic Republic into two museums of military weapons on the first floor and the Museum of Ebrat on the second floor. Before the Islamic revolution, this place was a place of recreation for army commanders, and after the revolution, it became a military museum.

Four simple gypsum columns at the entrance are inspired by the columns of Persepolis and the role of two lions can be seen above the door. After passing through the entrance door, we see a vestibule with a wooden roof, on the forehead of which we see colorful tiles from the scene of the crown of the Sassanid kings. Then, we enter the space of Afif Abad Garden and we can spend time enjoying its beauties.

Jahan Nama Garden

Jahan Nama Garden is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz, which is located in the northeast of Shiraz and on the eastern side of Hafez Street (Quran Gate) and above Hafeziyeh Square. Jahan Nama Garden was noticed by Timur Gurkhani during his stay in Shiraz, so that he built a similar garden around Samarkand, which was his birthplace, and called it “Jahan Nama”.

This garden was also very important in the Safavid period. After the extinction of the Safavid dynasty, where insecurity pervaded the country, this garden was almost destroyed. After Nader Shah Afshar until the establishment of Karim Khan Zand’s government, this garden was also rebuilt. The mansion in the middle of the garden belongs to Karim Khan Zand. The mansion of Jahan Nama Garden, which is from the Karim Khan period, is still intact and strong in octagonal shape. This garden is located a few steps from Hafez’s tomb.



Delgosha Garden

Delgosha Garden is one of the most beautiful historical Shiraz gardens, which is said to belong to the three periods of Sassanids, Safavids and Qajar. This garden is famous for its many orange trees and beautiful fountains. The garden was also one of the most important and recreational gardens during the Safavid period and has also been seen in photographs of European tourists of that time. In addition, in the time of Timur Gurkhani was in his best condition and at the peak of prosperity.

Most of the trees that can be found in it are oranges, which during May, their beautiful flowers and pleasant aroma make the garden atmosphere very pleasant. The mansion in the middle of the garden, which was built during the Zandieh period, was built in the style of the Sassanid palaces of Bishapour. This three-story mansion has two entrance doors on both sides of the building and includes a large hall with four great rooms.

Delgosha Garden is located northeast of Shiraz, near Tomb of Sa’adi and the water that flows from the aqueduct spring of Saadi’s tomb also passes through this garden.

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