Have you ever heard about the city Ardestan?

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Ardestan is situated in the northmost of Isfahan Province and in the central desert area city of Nain, south of Isfahan and north of Semnan province. The climate of Ardestan of Iran. It is situated in the west alongside the urban areas of Natanz, Kashan and Aran Bidgol, east of the is hot and dry and about two thirds of its area is covered by the desert plain. Due to the existence of the central mountains of Iran, which is a continuation of the Zagros mountain range, the southern and southeastern villages of this city have a suitable climate for mountainous areas. It has created the climate of four-season in this region.

The existence of ancient and unique Qanats in the city and its villages is a proof of the antiquity of more than 2000 years of this historical region. Countless historical monuments and tourist and natural attractions of tropical villages, various hunting grounds and long-standing industries of this region indicate an educated people with a rich culture from ancient times to the present. Now it is the time to introduce you some important attractions of Ardestan.



Jame mosque of Ardestan

Ardestan Jameh Mosque is the first two-story mosque in the history of Islam and the second four-Iwan mosque in the Seljuk era. It is one of the pristine and untouched buildings of that time, whose structure were made of brick, plaster, clay and wood. Unlike other Jame mosques, which are located within the residential textures of the cities, this building is located in the middle of the green pomegranate gardens.


Ardestan jame mosque


Jame mosque of Ardestan is a complex of a mosque, water storage, caravanserai, bazaar, square (Hosseinieh), bath and school of religious sciences which has created a very beautiful collection of Iranian architecture.


The two-story Moon Qanat (Moon Aqueduct)

A two-story aqueduct or what is Persians call Qanat, is a type of aqueduct with two floors, in each of which independent water flows, so that neither water penetrates the other. The only example of a two-story qanat available is Moon Qanat in Ardestan, Isfahan Province.

Moon two-story Qanat was built 800 years ago in Moon neighborhood of Ardestan city. This qanat is one of the interesting examples of ancient engineering science that has been used to explore and dig it by trained diggers and has created it by considering climatic conditions of the city.




This qanat is 3.5 to 4 km long and its mother well depth is 31 meters. It has 30 rods and its discharge rate is 60 liters per second. It is said that this qanat was built before Islam Period and especially during the Sasanid and Ashkanian era.




Ardestan is a small town and it could be a great choice for a half- day excursion from Tehran to Isfahan. Also, if you want to stay in Zavareh desert , you can have a visit of this ancient city before arriving there.


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