Natanz and its marvelous village, Abyaneh

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On the road from Kashan to Isfahan, there is a small town called Natanz. Natanz shines like a green jewel between the arid and desert cities around it. This city is one of the historical and touristic cities of Isfahan province that attracts many tourists every year. Natanz has many aqueducts which had been influential in creating landscapes and logged the town as one of typically the most beautiful garden urban areas in Isfahan Province. Due to its appropriate climate plus geographical location, it is an important county in central part of Iran. After visiting Kashan, it would be a great idea to visit Natanz and its surroundings such as Abyaneh Village and the head to Isfahan.




Natanz attractions are categorized into 2 groups. The first contains landscapes outside the city like Abyaneh Village, Badroud city plus Aqa Ali Abbas Shrine which is situated far better than those in the particular second group including sights attractions that are located inside the city.
Natanz’ glory achieved its zenith during the particular rule of Safavid dynasty. Both palaces of Abbasabad and Tajabad are historic monuments which were created during the Safavid period. The city is home to many holy shrines and mosques and the handicrafts of this area are one of its main attractions. To know more about this city and its attractions, continue reading this article.


Abyane Village

The ancient village of Abyaneh is located 40 km northwest of Natanz on the slopes of Mount Karks in the lush, clear valleys where the seasonal Borzroud River flows. This historic village is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists due to the unique architecture of its red houses made of clay, mud, bricks and wooden beams. The houses of the village are completely built on a steep slope in the north of Borzroud river. In a way, the flat roofs of the downstairs houses create the courtyards of the upstairs houses and no walls surround them. As a result, Abyaneh seems to be a multi-story village in the first glance, which in some cases can be seen up to four floors.




One of the most interesting attractions of Abyaneh is the attractive traditional clothes of the men and women of the village. Women’s clothing belongs to the Safavid period and men’s clothing is similar to the Bakhtiari tribe. Men wear loose-fitting trousers made of black fabric and women wear long shirts made of colorful floral fabrics. In addition, Abyaneh women usually wear white shawls.






The people are still talking in Pahlavi language which it is a proof of the antiquity of this adorable village. Although you can visit Abyaneh all the time, but the best time to visit Abyaneh, is during the seasons of spring and summer.


Jame Mosque of Natanz (Sheikh Abdul Samad Isfahani Shrine)

Among the orchards in the heart of the historic city of Natanz, tall minarets, a pyramidal dome, and an old, towering sycamore tree attract the attention of any visitor. Jame Mosque of Natanz, which is one of the important sights of Natanz, represents the exquisite history and architecture of the Islamic period and is also known as the tomb of “Sheikh Abdul Samad Isfahani”.





The complex of Jame Mosque of Natanz consists of the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Samad, the head of the monastery, the octagonal nave with a dome and a tall minaret along the roof.


Natanz Fire Temple


Natanz Fire Temple is a four-room fire temple belonging to the Sassanid era, which is located in the back alley of Jame Mosque of Natanz in a garden called “Imam Joma Garden”. Access to this monument is very difficult and you can go there through the gardens. You can also see a part of this spectacular fire temple from the roofs of the surrounding houses. If you want a better view of the building, you can go to the roof of the Jame Mosque and see the remains of this collapsed dome.




Matin Abad Touristy Area


Matinabad tourist area is the first eco-camp in Iran, which is located 25 km north of Natanz at the beginning of the great deserts in the south of Salt Lake near the Karshahi Castle route. Camel riding, permanent tents in the sand, restaurants, suites and a completely natural organic farm are among the facilities of this beautiful complex, which has attracted tourists and desert lovers and astronomers to this area. If you want to stay in a good camp in the desert, Matin Abad Eco camp is highly recommended. To know more about this area, you can contact Persia Top Tours travel specialists.



Arisman Ancient city

 Arisman historical and archeological site with a history of 6000 years is located 20 km south of Natanz and is the first metal smelting zone in the world. The presence of huge copper smelting furnaces, copper ores and castings has added to the attractiveness of this area. Other artifacts include a brick building, most likely an industrial workshop, as well as a cemetery in the town.


Tarqrud Castle of Natanz

 The historical castle of Tarqrud is located 36 km out of Natanz in the city of Tarqrud. The castle has more than two thousand years old and is built on a rock overlooking the city. The existence of a stone wall between the castle, the guard towers and the proximity of the castle to the Torogh River dam, as well as the similarity of the architecture of this castle with castles such as Izdakhvast have added to its beauty and glory.




Handicrafts of Natanz

Pottery, ceramics and porcelain in Natanz is one of the popular industries that are traditionally produced by hand. The construction of pottery and ceramics in this area dates back to 700 years ago and is still standing today. One of the most well known artists in Natanz is Mr Abbas Ebadi. You can go to her workshop and buy some pieces as suvenir.



If you want to visit Natanz and its attractions during your travel to Iran, we can help you to make a suitable travel plan to follow. You just need to contact us and our travel experts will advise you.


tour operator iran
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