Kashan, the hub of traditional houses, flowers and rosewater

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Travel to Kashan

Kashan is such a diamond in the heart of the desert. A lot of travelers opt to bypass Kashan on their excursions between Tehran, Esfahan, and even Yazd, but we advise you not to do exactly the same. In fact, this specific delightful desert city upon the edge of the Dasht-e kavir gets our vote as one of typically the most appealing destinations inside Iran, boasting an extremely atmospheric covered bazaar, the cluster of architecturally important 19the-century houses and a few excellent accommodation options. Anyway, travel to Kashan is always a great option when you are in Iran.




Shah Abbas, I agreed along with our assessment he had been so enamored with Kashan which he insisted on getting buried here rather than in Isfahan. Throughout the Seljuk period, the town started to be famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles. Nowadays, this is a major center for the production of textiles, rugs and rose drinking water, and a good approach to stock up on quality souvenirs. The most popular time of travel to Kashan is April and May, when the city and its suburbs are full of rose bushes and fragrant blooms.


Tabatabai House

Constructed around 1880, Tabatabaei house is famous for its complicated natural stone reliefs, fine stucco plus wonderful mirrors and stained-glass works. The house consists of three sections:  the particular part is an internal place where family members lived, the external area used for amusing and housing guests in addition the servants ‘quarters. These types of area set around several courtyards, the largest involving which has a fountain pool area.




In the afternoon (depending on the month), sunlight on stained glass combines in order to bath some rooms within brilliant color.

The climate and weather conditions of Kashan have been considered in a principled and scientific manner, and in terms of adherence to religious and Islamic beliefs, it also has a protected design. This means that the interior of the house is not visible from outside the house and even from the roof of adjacent houses. Also, inside the house and from any part, the other part can not be seen.


Kashan Fin Garden

Persian gardens are one of the best examples of architecture around the world because they are a combination of history, architecture and nature, and in all of them, the principles of architecture have been cleverly applied. This uniqueness is so striking that after hundreds of years, the same architectural style is still used to build new gardens and attracts all people´s attention. One of these gardens is Fin Garden in Kashan which was  designed for Shah Abbas. This lush garden is nicely added to the UNESCO World Heritage sites record as one of Persian gardens.




Although in the surrounding areas water is scarce, within the garden it flows along with superabundance, channeled from the natural spring through the series of turquoise-colored pools and fountains plus continuing on throughout the major road in canals, (said jooy in Persian). The main reason for using the element of water in Fin Garden was to create peace by looking at the it, cooling the air in summer, resonating water music especially in non-residential areas. The cedar trees inside the garden are usually up to 500 years old, plus the profusion of orange trees imparts the wonderful fragrance once the trees are in blossom.






One of the most famous parts of Fin Garden in Kashan is related to the two baths that exist in this garden and none of them is called Fin, but because of their location in Fin Garden, they are also known by this name. The main reason for the fame of these baths was the assassination of the Prime Minister Amir Kabir in the bath.

There are some different parts inside the garden. One of the most important ones is Kooshk-e Safavi which is located in the center of Fin Garden and was built under the order of Shah Abbas Safavi.




Boroujerdi House

This wonderful house was built due to a deep love story. Haj Agha Hassan Boroujerdi is proposing to Haj Seyed Jafar Tabatabai’s daughter for his son Seyed Mehdi. The girl’s father, who was one of the well-known merchants in Kashan and the owner of the famous mansion of the Tabatabai family, declares that he agrees to this mariage if the groom has a house equal to the house of the bride’s father. In this way, Boroujerdi house began to be built under the supervision of the most skilled masters and artists of that time and becomes a house that now is known as the most beautiful historical house in Iran.



Boroujerdi House is one of the most prominent Iranian historical buildings, throughout which the elegance and features of Iranian Islamic architecture can be seen. In the design of this huge building, special importance has been given to the traditional Iranian design and role. All the details and elements used in this building are a symbol of pure Iranian art and every small component show the years of genius and creativity of architects and artists of the Qajar period. Each part of this house tells a historical legend, and as you enter each part of it, a pleasant story will form in your mind. All the ideals of a historic mansion are gathered in this building and engrave in your memory the extraordinary experience of watching the original Iranian architecture.





Kashan Bazaar 

The historical bazaar in Kashan is one of the best in Iran which is very recommended to visit there while you travel to Kashan. This bazaar is from the middle of Baba Afzal Street to the Government Gate and has several historical monuments inside. Some of the most important parts of Kashan Bazar are: Mir Panj Caravanserai, Amin al Dowle Timche and Bala Bazar Mosque.




This valuable market was established during the reign of the Qajar kings. More than one hundred and twenty small and large shops with front porches and attics have been built from the government gate or the current municipal square to Feyz square. One of the most amazing parts of bazar is the area of Copper shops.

“Kashan coppersmith market is one of the most spectacular places in the Orient with the constant sound of a hammer hitting the copper, and the furnaces in which the copper turns red.” Professor Edward Brown said.

In each part of the traditional bazar of Kashan, different kinds of goods are available and you can buy the best quality souvenirs of Kashan, such as sweets and liqueurs.

Sialk Archeological Hills

Archaeologists have done a lot of digging and have come to the conclusion that the oldest people of the plains of Iran were actually the people who lived in a place called Silk near Kashan. Their existence dates back to 7,000 years ago. It is interesting to know that the Silk Hills were in fact the places of worship of the ancient people and like many other religious structures of that time, they had a pyramidal shape, these hills are made of clay and pottery. You should know that even a century ago, no one knew about the existence of such a great civilization, until about 80 years ago, after a flood that occurred in the agricultural lands of Kashan, this historical region was discovered. If you are interested in visiting such an ancient site, don´t miss watching these hills and the remained objects when you travel to Kashan.





Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath

The other historical attraction which is really beautiful and you have to visit it during your travel to Kashan is Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath. The architecture and decorations used in this bath have made it a valuable place, a unique bath that is undoubtedly one of the most attractive baths in Iran. Apart from the attractive interior decorations, even the roof is spectacular and many photographers capture adorable pictures there.

In this building, attractive plastering and lime cutting have been used, which has turned it into a special and spectacular work. What makes this bathroom so attractive is the interesting architecture, golden and blue tiles as well as the skillful plastering. Add to all these attractions the vaulted ceilings, murals and stained glass to know what a masterpiece you will be facing.






Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan

The construction of Agha bozorg Mosque and School is one of the most magnificent and beautiful mosques of Qajar period in Iran. This building is the only 5-story mosque in the world. What makes this mosque more beautiful is the exquisite decorations and elements that have been used in it. The moccasins of the entrance of the mosque and the delicate plastering and unique tiles have all made you face a unique historical monument.

Agha bozorg Mosque has 5 floors and two courtyards at the top and bottom. One of the main points of the architecture of this mosque is that it combines the mosque and the school, and all the various spaces required by the school and the mosque are located together. This type of structure is in fact a kind of breaking the principles of traditional design and is not comparable to other examples, and this has made it an architectural masterpiece.




Finally, Kashan is a small historical city full of different beauties. Travel to Kashan and staying in Kashan can be one of the most attractive parts of your trip to Iran. We, at Persia Top Tours, can help you organize your trip plan in the best way. Also, you can find your desired itinerary in our pre-planned Iran cultural tours to find your favorite.

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