Yazd, the first Mud-brick city of the world

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Yazd is one of the historical cities of Iran whose antiquities have made it one of the first brick historical cities of Iran and the second historical city of the world. Due to the many historical attractions of Yazd, this city is registered in UNESCO as a World Heritage. Yazd is known as the city of windmills and aqueducts, and in the corners of this city you can watch history and enjoy drowning in its beauties. In this article, we want to introduce you just some of the important sites in Yazd.



Jame Mosque of Yazd

Jame Mosque of Yazd is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architects that is located in the heart of the desert in Yazd province and is one of the most popular tourist destinations that many travelers from inside and outside Iran choose to explore. This mosque was built about 100 years ago during 3 periods and was considered as one of the main foundations of the Sassanid rule. What makes this mosque different from other mosques in Iran is the dormancy of the dome, the high entrance, as well as its beautiful and unique tiles that dazzle eyes. The wonderful mosaics on the arch and mihrab and the tiles over the primary western access to the patio are especially staggering.





Amir Chakhmaq Square

One of the symbols of Yazd that most people have heard of is Amir chakhmaq Square. In this square, a collection of historical and valuable monuments is displayed. One of the most significant of these attractions is a pillar with tall minarets that is remembered as the most original part of the city. This square dates back to the reign of the Timurids and was built by a person with the same name Amir Jalaluddin Chakhmaq. Amir chakhmaq Square or in the dialect of the people of Yazd Mirchakhmaq is a place for gathering the people of Yazd.





Before the Hosseinieh, pay special mind to the colossal wooden palm Nakhl, a significant highlight once utilized for recognition of the Shias’ energetic Ashura remembrances. If you travel to Yazd during Muharram month, you will see the crowds are mourning in Ashura and Tasua the most famous religious ceremonies in Iran.




Dowlat Abad Garden

This garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens which its name has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tall mansion of this garden has the tallest windmills in the world and is very valuable in terms of architecture. This garden is one of the oldest gardens in Iran, which is 260 years old and in its area of 6.4 hectares, has placed signs of paradise to take the viewers to another world. When you enter this garden, you do not feel that you are in the desert city of Yazd and the smell of flowers and plants will intoxicate you.




Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The fire that has not been extinguished for 1500 years! The Fire Temple of Verhram, known as the Fire Temple of Bahram, is a place for keeping the sacred Zoroastrian fire and a place of worship for Zoroastrians. The fire inside this place has been lit for 1500 years and its visitors can see the fire temple through the glass where the fire is located.  Fire, which is a symbol of purity, is located in this fire temple, which is also of great importance.

The fire temples have some special customs to enter:

  1. Observing cleanliness is one of the essential points that you must be clean when entering this fire temple.
  2. If possible, try to wear light color clothes when entering this monument because it shows your cleanliness and purity.



Above the entrance, you can see the Farvahar symbol. This historical monument has a height of about 21 meters and is located in a large courtyard covered with lush cypress and pine trees. Beautiful paintings and stone capitals in this building have been able to give it a special effect. In front of this building is a water pool. One of the prominent features of the fire temples was that they were located beside the water.



Alexandre Prison OR Ziaeeieh School

There is a building in the city of Yazd with two different names that indicate the dual use of this valuable historical building. Some believe that this building was built in 8th century. Ziaieh School was a place for teaching more than seven hundred years ago and has hosted meetings such as discussions with elders and professors. It is said that the name of Alexander Prison was created as a result of the arrival of a group of exiles of Alexander the Great to Yazd. But there is no evidence in this case and only local historians of Yazd have narrated this story.





It has a courtyard with 3 porches around it and in the corner is a high old and historical dome. The architecture of Ziaieh School has a unique feature that, while simple, shows the beauty of the art used by the masters of that time. No tiles were used in the construction of this huge historical monument. It seems that only raw clay was used to build the school building, which may be the reason for its endurance and durability until the contemporary century.


Silence Towers

Another attraction of Yazd is the silent tower which is located in Safaeieh neighborhood in Yazd. A tower located on a sedimentary mountain called Dakhmeh and was a place of worship for Zoroastrians at that time. This tower is a place where Zoroastrians placed the bodies of their dead to be eaten by predators and birds. Zoroastrians from ancient times to just a few decades ago, according to their special tradition, put their dead inside these tombs after performing special ceremonies with specific rituals. After being eaten by the birds, the bones of these dead bodies were placed inside the well to prevent soil contamination. The Persians, or the followers of the Zoroastrian religion, considered the world to consist of the four elements of water, fire, soil and air. They believed that burning and burying the dead bodies will cause the huge soil pollution. Therefore, to prevent soil, fire and air pollution, they built such high-rise towers.




Yazd Water Museum

One of the interesting places to visit while you travel to Yazd is Water Museum. As you know, the city of Yazd has always faced water problems due to being in a desert area, and there are many aqueducts (qanats) in this city that indicate this story. Therefore, to show this issue, a museum called Water Museum has been established in this city to keep the equipment that they used to supply the water they need in the past time.



Khan Bath and Bazar in Yazd

Another unique complex that is on the list of attractions of Yazd is Khan Bazaar and Bath, which is a beautiful and old complex of Bazaar, Hosseinieh and Ab Anbar (water storage) and the adjacent bath. The construction of this eye-catching complex in Yazd dates back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah in Qajar period, and Khan Bazaar is known as the longest and widest bazaar in Yazd. The materials used in it are clay and mud.




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