How to get Iran visa in 2021? (Complete visa guide)

Iran visa
Iran visa

Are you planning to travel to Iran? Do you have some questions about this new destination? Don’t you know how to obtain Iran visa? It is not a surprise that travel to a new destination brings a number of questions in mind. Therefore, we are going to answer some of the questions about obtaining the visa before planning a travel to Iran. We try to update the post and add more information to it whenever anything changes. However, we invite you to comment and ask your unanswered questions at the end so we reply to you at the soonest possible.

All the visitors to Iran must obtain a visa from one of the Iranian diplomatic embassies. The only exception of visa policy is for nationalities who do not need a visa for Iran, or countries eligible for a visa on arrival.


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Types of Visa

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, there are three types of people who can apply for an Iran touristy visa. 

A) Individuals and Travelers: Tourists who wish to visit Iran as a solo or in a group. 

B) Travelers with an invitation letter: Individuals who have already received an official invitation letter from companies or government organizations to visit Iran. 

C) Businesses, Agents and Trade Professionals: Companies, travel and tourism agencies, and representatives of government organizations.

We at Persia Top Tours, as a travel agency can apply for Iran Touristy Visa and we just help the ones who are coming to Iran as a foreign tourist.


How long is an Iranian visa valid for?

The length of visa varies from 15 days to 30 days which is decided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Iranian visa sticker displays some information including the validity of the visa. Note that, if you obtained your visa but failed to travel to Iran during the validity of the visa, you need to re-apply for a visa. It is recommended to apply for your visa just some weeks before your arrival time.


How much is the visa fee?

Iran visa fee depends on the nationality of tourists and the place of issue. The cost of the visa is 75 euros for most nationalities, including European and Asians, and 145 euros for Australians. Anyway, it needs to be checked for each single case to let you know the exact rate. You can contact our Visa Department to advise you better.


Which nationalities need a visa to travel to Iran?

Almost all nationalities, including European, Canadian, American, and so many other nationalities need a visa for Iran.

However, there are some facilities for getting on arrival visa for European citizens.


Iran Visa

Which nationalities can obtain Visa On Arrival (VOA)?

Some tourists can obtain their visa on arrival. It means they can come to Iran International airports and obtain their visa after arriving Iran. Nationals of the following countries are qualified for the visa at the airport:

Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Uzbekistan, UAE, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Brunei Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Portugal, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Croatia, Luxemburg, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, South Africa, Venezuela, India,  Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand.


Iran Visa



Which nationalities DO NOT need a visa for Iran?

Based on mutual agreement within the framework of international rules and regulations, citizens of some countries DON’T need applying for the visa. They include the citizens of these countries:

  • Armenia (90 Days)
  • Azerbaijan (30 Days)
  • Bolivia (30 Days)
  • Georgia (45 Days)
  • Lebanon (30 Days)
  • Malaysia (15 Days)
  • Serbia (30 Days)
  • Turkey (90 Days)
  • Venezuela (15 Days)
  • China (15 Days)
  • Oman (15 Days)


Iran visa for US, UK, and Canadian citizens

While all European citizens can obtain a visa on their arrival, there is only one exception and that is for British people.

All visitors to Iran from America, Canada, and the UK must be accompanied by a licensed guide for their travels in Iran, since arrival until the departure.

This essential rule means that unless you hire your own private guide for the entire duration of your visit, you must join an organized tour. It means it is necessary to do all their trip issues under the control of a local travel agency.


Iran visa for Bangladeshi and Pakistani Citizen

The tourists from Pakistan are not eligible for obtaining their visa on arrival. Also, they have to be more than 30 years old to be allowed to apply for visa. According the latest rules of foreign ministry of Iran, Bangladeshi people are not allowed to enter Iran via touristy visa. They have to apply for business visa.


How to obtain Iran visa?

As soon as you ask us to apply for your visa to Iran, we will send you an application form. To apply for a Iran touristy visa, please send us an email through or fill this application form on our website. You need to fill out the form and send it back to us with a copy of your passport and a file of your personal photo. (The details are mentioned in the visa application form)

It is very important to choose where you want to obtain a visa or place of issue correctly. We will apply for your visa on your behalf. The Authorization code of your visa usually will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in maximum 10 working days. Please note that, this authorization code means that your visa has been authorized but it is not the visa itself. You need to obtain the visa at the chosen Iranian Embassy/ Consulate in the country of your residence or at one of the International airports in Iran.

*** Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the sole decision-making authority as to whether or not to issue your visa or when. If they have any concerns about your application, this could hold up the application process. It is advisable, therefore, to apply for your visa at least 4 weeks before your arrival date to travel to Iran.


Getting a visa from the embassy

To obtain the actual visa and stamp it in your passport, between 3 to 30 business days after receiving the authorization code, you have to approach in person to the Iranian Embassy/ Consulate you mentioned in your visa application form as the place of issue along with your passport and the appropriate visa collection fee. After doing a process, you will successfully obtain your visa and you can enter Iran free of mind.


Iran Visa

Iran Visa on Arrival

If you prefer to obtain your visa on arrival (VOA), you can apply for your visa at one of the International airports in Iran, as follows:

  • IKA: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • MHD: Mashhad International Airport
  • SYZ: Shiraz International Airport
  • TBZ: Tabriz International Airport
  • ISF: Isfahan International Airport

Bear in mind that the process is not easy and usually takes about 4 to 5 hours. It also comes with a maximum extension of 14 days.

Journalists, pol, and reporters on a mission cannot get their visa on arrivaports, official passports, etc. cannot apply for this type of visa.

If you have still some questions, don’t worry at all. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to advise you how to obtain your visa. Also, you can clickhereto start the application process.iticiansl. This visa is issued for tourism purposes only (ordinary passport). Diplomatic pass


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